The webdesign is a key step when building a website

In a web agency, webdesign is one of the pivots of the design of a website, linking several areas of expertise listed below and a priori different from each other.
Analysis of the website project
First, ask yourself some questions: how to insert the design phase of the website into a more global communication approach? How to attract Internet users on a site? how to easily deliver the information they need? what are they likely to be sensitive to? how not to bore them? this list is obviously not exhaustive.
Graphic design or information design
Graphic design is a key element of communication today, its mastery is to understand the formal way that companies communicate either for their brand or their products. The good management of typography, the knowledge of the universe colors, the semiology are means of expression which allow to deliver a message in phase with the nature of the company. Information design is more concerned with the perception and readability of messages, and produces new ways of presenting information from time to time.
Technical understanding of the web media
The technical understanding of what makes the web today is to know the browsing habits of Internet users on a website, technical constraints linked to site referencing, HTML integration constraints and even browser constraints, even more so since the emergence of new platforms such as tablets or smartphones.
The good practice of web design calls upon the mastery of the above mentioned domains to avoid that the graphic creation of a home page is a brake on navigation on the site. We see from time to time when we are interested in SEO and hence bounce rate of a home page (indicator that allows to know if the users go beyond this page), that a page that n 'inspires not trust and / or and does not offer sufficiently relevant landmarks (menu too small and not visible, page unstructured, images poorly optimized ...) can put off and irremediably scare the users.