While social networks are perfectly integrated into current consumption patterns, some companies are sulking and underestimating the impact of social networks on their activities.
As a web agency, we spend a lot of time explaining the benefits of social networks.
They bring significant benefits to your business:

1. Social networks help visibility
If you have not noticed it yet, now is the time to check if your Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook accounts are positioned on the search engines. Rightly, Google + is one of the fundamental players for your natural SEO since it acts as an online directory.
Google + allows better visibility, accessibility and availability of shares its accomplished functionalities (geolocation, button "call" and "route" on mobile).

2. Social networks develop your reputation
On average 1 client has 100 contacts on a social account, 90% of Internet users trust a friend (70% when this review comes from an unknown). These figures prove the weight of social networks in your strategy (source: media social attitude 2013)
You can develop your brand image if you establish a close relationship with your societies.
- Communicate on your news, your products and your sector.
- Get customer recommendations.
- To provoke exchange and energize your communication.
- Adopt a more human and interactive discourse.
- Involve your clients.
3. Social networks increase traffic to your website
Some very competitive market on search engines make the choice to acquire traffic on their site from a social terminal. Buyers are increasingly using social networks.
A new study by Experian shows that Facebook or Pinterest are among the most effective to discover products. The study showed that visits increased by 7.7% on retailers' websites thanks to the social media channel.
The study, carried out on more than 34 000 American retailers, explains this progression given the frequentation of social networks. In the United States, for example, 58% of adults visit a social network weekly, 78% for the 18-35 age group. We also observe that visit times are lengthened and impact the click rates: American Internet users spend on average 21 minutes and 35 seconds each time they use Facebook, on YouTube, they spend an average of 20 minutes and 44 seconds in time of visit. On Twitter and Pinterest, visitors spend between 10-11 minutes on visit, between 6 minutes and 7 seconds on average on Google