The 5 trends Web Design 2017

Wondering how web design will evolve over the next 12 months? Between aesthetics, UX and technology, Dedi Agency presents you the 5 great webdesign trends of the year 2017. Beautiful promises for Internet users always looking for faster, more readable and ergonomic sites, on desktop as on mobile. As every year, the webdesign domain relies on its past experiences to bring out its new trends. So it is impossible to talk about 2017 without saying a word about the year 2016 and its big shift towards the “mobile first”. With the growing share of mobile phones, ergonomists and web designers no longer hesitate to adopt IOS or Android application codes with burger menus, drop-down lists, and micro-interactions that make the user experience easier. This year more than ever, the webdesign will not be limited to a purely aesthetic aspect. Through our webdesign 2017 forecasts, you will see that UX and ergonomics, as well as marketing, will play a major role in the design of your websites.

Explanations in 5 trends web design for 2017 ...

Trend webdesign 2017 # 1:
Place content and marketing hooks

That probably will not have escaped you. For several months, the looks of websites lean towards the purification and minimalism. While favoring the clarity of the contents.
On the home pages or inside pages, webdesigners will always be more attentive to the emphasis of hooks, titles, texts and call to action. And what better than the typographic work (a true artistic skill!), The background effects, the choice of colors and contrasts ... to make the contents always clearer, attractive and engaging!
Trend webdesign 2017 # 2: Combining design and front-end development To succeed in designing your website, you will have to redouble your vigilance on the quality of your webdesigner / integrator duo. In 2017, it will be more than urgent to open the dialogue between these two pillars of all web projects. If the designer proposes a "static and ergonomic" vision of the site, the integrator now has the mission of animating and guiding the customer journey. It must be force of proposition in designing micro-interactions enriching for the Internet user.
Tendance webdesign 2017 # 3
The technique first and foremost!

Combining beautiful with speed and fluidity: this is the challenge of today's webdesign. In recent years, the technical requirements of developers (but also webmarketers and Google!) Have put a brake on the webdesigners' enthusiasm, and the arrival of new technologies suggests new and more creative horizons. New responsive layout grid and adoption of the SVG format for images adaptable to all screens (including retina) will both improve the graphics quality and technical performance (including page loading time) of websites.
Trend webdesign 2017 # 4:
The material design

It will be the expression to remember in 2017. Already well presented in 2016 in the boot of good practices of designers, Material Design is, originally a graphic concept initiated by Google and intended for Android applications. Its main strength: to synthesize certain graphic elements to gain in intuitiveness and clarity. With this technique, webdesigners can more easily prioritize the different contents of a website.
Used primarily to facilitate the user experience, material design should not under any circumstances curb their creativity. The latter will still have to experiment with new graphic trends to the delight of Internet users (and brands!). And it will necessarily pass through a meticulous work on the contrasts: sizes, colors, spacings, asymmetries, shapes ...
Trend webdesign 2017 # 5:
The color makes its big comeback!

The trend minimalist design that propelled the trend Flat design (understand "flat color clean") will still be present this year. But with a lot of adjustments! Indeed, in order not to "sink" in the impressions of déjà-vu and give more "character" to their creations, designers will insist on bright colors, flashy, textures and gradients. Undoubtedly influenced by the Instagram experience which increasingly seduces the brands. The quality of the new fixed and mobile screens will make it possible to reproduce these new color choices with precision.
Very much sought after since the years 2008/2009, the carousel format disappears little by little from the models to give way to new approaches: visual fixed, visual and micro-interactions or presentation of dynamic blocks. A trend to monitor loan ... and adopt?
Conclusion: a year focused content and conversion In 2017, the design will prove once again its importance in the success of your policy of digitization. Turning towards performance, more interactive and conversational, he can no longer do without technique. That's why at Dedi Agency, our team is composed of an artistic director, webdesigners, front-end and back-end developers. Last point that we will discuss in more detail on this blog in the coming weeks: the growing success of Chat Robots. Less intrusive and better integrated, these customer relations tools are beginning to reveal all their potential in terms of conversion, we will have the pleasure to come back on these customer experiences soon!