Social networks: what are the benefits for the company?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ... the use of Web 2.0 has become widespread; more than 10 million French people with a Facebook account.

The corporate world was also very interested in this phenomenon: group or fan page, the biggest brands and companies understood that they could benefit from their presence on the social media in particular by weaving links singular and regular with their clients and partners, and by focusing on the virality of the spread of the message.

To such an extent that no effective communication policy can do without a social media plan.

In addition to the near-zero cost of the operation, what benefits can be expected from an implantation on social networks? What are the benefits to companies? Overview of the issue.

Social networks develop a company's visibility, visibility and trust.
Through a policy of acquiring fans, friends or followers, the use of social networks makes it possible to considerably increase the scope and the visibility of a company.
The messages broadcast are aimed at a wider audience, with almost infinite potential. Fans recommend this or that page, the company thus benefiting from a development of its public.
Hence the interest of working on the creation and dissemination of rich and interesting content.

Moreover, social networks are a place of communication apart, allowing to maintain another type of dialogue with customers, partners and suppliers. A dialogue that creates proximity, exchange and therefore trust.
They allow prospecting and acquisition of new clients.
The business prospection certainly found in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter a new Eldorado.

By creating and distributing original and attractive content, companies benefit from a powerful canvassing tool. Social networks make it possible to adopt a different tone of the traditional marketing tools with in addition the formidable effect of boost that represents the viral aspect of the social media.

And thanks to the inherent interaction with social networks, companies can thus acquire qualified contacts - email addresses or even complete contact information - at a lower cost.

Development of the number of visitors on websites and optimization of natural referencing.
By a rebound effect, companies that have created a Facebook page for example see traffic to the website increase. Again, the viral aspect comes into play because the pages of social networks of companies / brands are recommended among friends, fans or followers. New visitors will then visit the official website.

Natural SEO is also optimized. Google now takes into account the content on the social media pages. The referencing of websites then benefit from an additional source.

A new space for the sale of products and services
Targeted business transactions such as promotions, end of stock or balances are doped by social networks.

Because fans and friends are sharing more and more good plans that they spot on the accounts of companies and brands. And these commercial operations are increasingly exclusively aimed at social networks. Again, at a lower cost.
Optimized public relations
The PR sector saw the arrival of social networks as a powerful new tool.
Conventional media such as the press and radio do not allow for a reciprocal dialogue with the public. The message is only broadcast in one direction: from the company to the consumer.

With social networks, the situation has changed. It has now become possible to follow up on what is said about a given company in order to answer questions, opinions and even criticisms. So as to build and build relationships of perennial qualities with the public.