Social media is on the rise, they are everywhere! We talk about it in the newspapers, on television and they cover the web. Social networks represent communities of users that can constitute potential customers. Learn how to get to the top speed with social networks.

To be able to start your expansion, you need to understand very clearly what your target is. There are a growing number of platforms and the market is not the same.


If you target young people, without surprises it's Facebook and its addictive content that represents the best breeding ground. Creating a page on this platform will allow you to build a community around your business. Submit your promotional offers on your site at the same time as on Facebook. Upload photos of your products and services before they are available for sale. You need to maintain the flame, so it is necessary to have several publications per week. Put content online and especially images or videos. The goal is to get visitors to click on the buttons "I like" and "Share".

If your products or services are aimed at a female population Pinterest could also help you. This platform is highly prized by girls and women wishing to share their good shopping plan. This is pinning a photo or video that has been of interest. Create a page and highlight your special offers and flagship products.

There are two platforms worldwide known and reserved for professionals. You are probably already registered yourself on one of them. Viadeo and LinkedIn are full of professionals and potential customers. The strategy to adopt on these platforms is simple, you have to share content and create debate. For this there are countless groups related to a specific theme.

You will inevitably find some that are directly related to your activity. Present a professional and fully completed profile. Then go to the search for problems encountered by professionals and become this specialist who takes the time to help for free. By answering technical questions you will quickly pass as an expert in the matter. Your profile will crumble under the visits and it is your turnover over the long term that will benefit.


Some platforms may also be useful in both cases. Like YouTube for example, which is a powerful tool for reaching both audiences. Your potential customers have less and less time. The reading terribly annoys them, so they spend a few minutes watching videos. You must be present!

Finally Twitter is also a great tool to promote your blog in particular. This platform will allow you to significantly increase the traffic of your website. Each publication may contain a link to a page that contains content on your site.