how to learn webdesign online?

Inexistent 20 years ago, the job of webdesigner is provoking today many vocations in our connected world. If you make your first steps on the web or you want to improve yourself in webdesign thanks to the Internet, this article is for you.

Since the opening of the blog, you have been many to write to me to learn more about the possibilities of learning the webdesign. Which studies to follow? What are the best schools? What is the ideal course to practice the job of webdesigner? How to learn the basics? How to train webdesign?

Learning on the web
As a professional for almost 3 years now and working in IUT, I was able to interact with many webdesigners. Their common thread goes beyond the passion for well-made work and the web: they all have a very different background and are now working in the same profession. In agency, freelance or advertiser, my colleagues all over the world have all learned and learn a lot through the Internet every day.

The democratization of the web has given rise to a generation of self-taught. By making information easy and quick to access, anyone with a connection can learn almost no limit in their chosen field. Without wanting to undermine the schools specialized in the web formations, I will orientate my article on the multiple possibilities of being trained to the profession of webdesigner on line.

Whether you are a student in the webdesign, a professional translator, a graphic designer, a developer, a project manager (short in communication), a simple curious or even a webdesigner, you will find here what you need to know to learn more about this fabulous profession . I obviously do not pretend to present you the essential and ultimate methods to become a webdesigner out of pairs, but I will simply give you my personal advice and especially a good dose of links to know, to leave on good bases.

These 7 commandments are 7 independent and complementary axes on which you can base yourself. Let’s go !