How to improve your UI/UX?

The user is king
The first thing to consider to improve the customer experience of a website is that the user is king, in the same way that the customer is king, even if not all users are customers.
This means thinking about the content of a website, its accessibility and its operation through the prism of the potential user.
It is therefore necessary to have a clear vision, which obliges to design personas!
A modern site
A company's website carries a certain brand image.
It is therefore logical that a website a little dated carries a picture ... a little dated.
Having a modern website, with attractive visuals and reflecting your products and your brand, you greatly enhance the customer experience.
In this field, coherence and cohesion are put on every table, with a style that is the same everywhere, for an optimal customer experience.
The notion of user experience and interface
In the domain of the web, but also more widely of the development, whether it is websites or software / applications, we often talk about UX, for User eXperience, or user experience.
The UX gathers many things: marketing, visuals, architecture of a site, but also and especially the interface.
The experience of a client when browsing your site is also determined by the design of the site interface.
It is then necessary to design the site in such a way that the user is naturally guided to what he is looking for, without having to make any effort.
For this, the possibilities of interaction with the website must be clear (buttons that stand out, visible titles, readable texts, etc.) and the interactions themselves agreeable.
So, remembering that a site is designed not for the company, but for the user, a site offering an optimized customer experience will always pass the user before the message of the company!