How to have an efficient Website?

What is webdesign?

If we refer to Wikipedia, the webdesign is the interactional architecture, the organization of the pages, the tree structure and the navigation on the website. More than a graphic used to visually enrich a page, it is the interface between the technique of the site and the end user, so its role goes beyond that of simple graphic creation.

Unlike a painting or a photo, the webdesign is not sufficient to itself, it is always at the service of an "abstract" technical part and the visitor who visits the site. The aim should not therefore be exclusively oriented towards aesthetics but must include all the constraints related to ergonomics in general.

The webdesign: the graphics

Since a website is a communication element just like a flyer or a catalog, the graphics must be an extension of the brand's visual identity. It is inescapable to break the codes of a graphic charter under the pretext of being on a website.

The image of a brand is therefore directly transmitted via the webdesign and special attention must be paid to this component, especially for the so-called "pure players" websites which create an image on the web and which do not benefit from a "physical" brand image known and recognized by users.

So in the case of an e-commerce site it is the webdesign that will determine the targeted target and the positioning of the brand, for example a Cdiscount does not have the same target as a and beyond 'product offer, this is felt in the look & feel of the site. This point is important especially in terms of e-commerce because the transformation depends directly on it, a site breaking prices but with a luxurious site graphics will deceive the Internet user and may cause his escape, farewell sales.
The webdesign: ergonomics

Ergonomics is based on the layout of information, ease of navigation and usability of the site in general. Some brands can overcome these constraints and offer sites / mini-sites with avant-garde concepts, however these are well known brands and some of these sites exist only to promote a single product or service and offer a different user experience ...

In the vast majority of cases, the webdesign must be designed for the user, and easier to use, even more so in the case of an e-commerce site, where the layout of each element of a page must be studied carefully, a basket validation button not high enough put forward and it is the transformation that falls.

These two components are indissociable, and some aspects of the graphic design are also ergonomic, such as the color of a button, for example, which can be thought to be aesthetic but also have an ergonomic role in guiding the user with a color different, etc.

The emphasis on graphic design or ergonomics depends mainly on the nature of the site (oriented e-commerce or showcase) but it must be remembered that while graphics and the notion of beauty remain subjective values, ergonomics is based on more concrete basis.