Happy Upec, a smiley logo!

Be happy Upec!

Have the keys to invest in your student life, meet with the university’s actors, discover sporting or cultural activities, not to forget to celebrate! The 7th edition of “Happy Upec” is being held on the Campus Center of Paris-Est Créteil University.

We have been accompanying the university for several years on the communication of this event. This year, we proposed to evolve the “logo” of the event, creating a typographic staging of the promise of the event: “Make the re-entry a joyful and friendly moment”.

By taking the “slanted stripes” from the university logo, we come to draw the eyebrows of this little person smiling. We had the face, we only needed the body to incarnate the event entirely. We have therefore put students in a simple and playful device, where the simple appearance of the arms comes to recompose a character. Here are the 3 visuals we designed for this edition.


2015 Edition

We did not have the opportunity to publish the posters of the 2015 edition of the event. We take advantage of this article to catch up on it.

By 2015, we had imagined a camera, always with real university students, where the idea of ​​”September rainfall” became a rain of confetti. The poetry coming from the fact that this rain fell under the umbrella, like a joyful shower.