Graphic arts: 10 sites to follow trends

First of all I want to apologize for the lack of posts on this blog for some time. Between work, my little wife and a week off, I did not really have time to make new articles … To catch up a little here is a selection of 19 sites (magazines, blogs, galleries) that will allow you to follow current trends in graphic design. Design, Graphics, Photography, Animation, Typography, Web design etc … Here is a small selection of my favorite places of the web …

1983 is according to its author a “journal / scrapbook” on design. On this blog, Kenny Wan, graphic / web designer and amateur photographer presents his discoveries and his favorites. Readers can participate by sending by e-mail what they want to offer.

Abduzeedo is the blog of Fabio Sasso, a Brazilian designer. If you want to keep up with trends in graphic design and web design, this is really a site to put in your favorites. In addition to very interesting articles, you will find every day a post titled “Daily Inspiration” which presents the favorites of the authors of the blog but also readers. You can post yourself on this blog or via Twitter after you sign up. I strongly advise you to take a tour on this site which quickly became for me a reference.

Behance Network is a network allowing creatives to present their work but also to create working groups. If you are invited by a Behance user, you will be able to use the tools available to create your portfolio on the site. Without invitation, you can however visualize the works presented. It is a very good place to follow trends … There is also the Behance Magazine and the Creatives Outfitter (online shop).

Creative Tempest
Creative Tempest is a gallery featuring talented artists. Many areas are covered (digital painting, illustration, street art …) and the quality of the works and artists presented is always there. You will not find any “visible” ads on the site that preferred to opt for subliminal ads. Every 5 seconds, an advertising message is displayed during 1 / 2000th of a second … Come on, I’ll let you buy coke …

Deviant Art
For those who do not yet know Deviant Art, this site is a veritable gold mine of creation in all kinds. You can register and upload your works for criticism. Unless you have something specific to look for, it is good to walk around Deviant Art while browsing from link to link. You are interested in a creation, you are on the author’s page. After visiting his gallery, you can go for a ride on his favorites … And, there you find a work that you please then you go to visit the personal page of its author etc etc etc …. On Deviant Art one can find the worst as the best, the whole is to know well to seek. Small info to conclude, this site is a very good place to find free textures …

Dirty Mouse
The blog Dirty Mouse is almost exclusively fueled by its readers. Graphic design, Web design, Illustration, Photography, Product design and interior design are all areas where you can find inspiration by visiting the updated blog several times a day.

Form Fifty five
Yet another very interesting source of inspiration. The Form Fifty Five site has many contributors on a wide range of subjects: Design, Photography, Typography, Graphic Design, Art, Print, Web etc …

On Ffffound, not only can you share your favorites by contributing to the blog feed, but you will also be able to see yourself proposing topics related to your own tastes. The system is simple, you can tag the posts that interest you particularly. The more places you place in favorites, the better the proposals will be made to you by the site. In addition to this nice system of votes / proposals, the quality of the choices offered make Ffffound a good source of inspiration and therefore, a place to place in your bookmarks!

Grafik cache
On his Grafik Cache blog, Dave Smith, a 26 year old Irish designer, shares his inspiration. Design, photography, architecture, readings, expo, typography, illustration, animation … the list of domains presented in this blog is long.

Grafica Real
Grafica Real is a project started in January 2009 by Samuel Jesse, a young student in Multimedia & Design. This site is halfway between the Magazine and the blog. It mainly covers the field of graphic design in the broad sense (resources, tutorials, reviews, street art, fashion etc …).