French showcase sites

Your website is the showcase of your business on the Web. Surfers who cross it must instantly be seduced by the products / services you offer and effortlessly understand the features that set you apart from your competitors. To this end, it is essential not only to fine-tune the aesthetic appearance of your site but also to offer an optimal experience to your visitors.
As you know, Wix allows you to create a professional quality site intuitively – and for free or at a lower cost, which is great. If we can help build a solid foundation for your web project, it’s up to you to build a facade that presents you in your best light.
This week, we share with you 13 websites of French users of Wix who conquered us. From design to navigation to usability and functionality, each of these web beads is easily worth its weight in pixels.
Who dared to say that France is not sufficiently honored on the canvas? We say: cocorico!