Android Application Development – Introduction

Installing the software and frequently asked questions
Tal Ganinsky / March 15, 2015
Who has not experienced this moment in his life that he sits with himself and says “How did not invent such an application
Still? & Quot; After a few weeks she goes into the air and you are still on the couch.
That’s why this guide exists. That’s why I’m here.
During the next lessons, I’ll explain how to develop the app you’ve always dreamed of – also
If you have no idea of ​​programming and development. The simplest and easiest guide to having an Android development network –
Is here.
The guide is accompanied by videos on YouTube. So let’s get started with installing the software.
What is an android?
אנדרואיד Android (Android) is a Linux-based operating system designed for smartphones,
Tablets, televisions and more.
אנדרואיד Android has become the world’s most widely used smartphone system, with surveys reporting it
Holds a share of over 80% of the global smartphone market.
אנדרואיד Android is distributed by Google.
What language do apps develop for Android?
In order to develop the great app you have always dreamed of – you have to know basic knowledge in writing
Java. Therefore, it is recommended to study the Java development part of the site, but in this course we will be more involved in development
Applications in a simple and relatively easy way without the need for previous Java knowledge.
Installing Java
Java is a native language for application development and deployment on various platforms.
Many Java computers are already installed with the operating system, but if not, you must install
Before we even enter the Android world.
The installation is adjusted according to the number of bits. 32 or 64. Access and check your computer.
Then download the Java that is relevant to you.

Install Android Studio
The software they wrote until recently, and some of the high-tech companies still use it, is the development software
In Java Eclipse. Google has created a good home development program called Android Studio. She comes in
Stronger for the world of application development and I’ll explain it to you in the manual.
Download the Android Studio and install all the required files on drive C.
After installation, run the software.
I recommend using a video I’ve attached to get a better understanding.

Before you start using the software – there is the top bar –
Click on the following icons:
הא The Android with the lower blue arrow – will run all your devices and plugins on your computer
Of the Android system. It will usually be activated when you first enter the software.
הא The Android with the purple smartphone – through which you can define emulators of different sizes. Thus, it is possible
See how the app works on Nexus, Tablet, Galaxy, TV, etc. If you have
Android device, connect it to the computer with the cable. Enter the control panel. Sign in to the manager
Device. Install the device.
In doing so, we have finished installing the Android development environment on our computer. If you have
Problems that arose during the installation of Java or Android, sent a response here and you will receive from me
In the next lesson, we will learn how to create a software project for the first time.