5 Key Tips for Startups Marketing on a Show: Experiences at CeBIT 2016!

Pepperpitch french techThe evolution of marketing accelerates! For startups as well as for large companies: “I’ve worked in Marketing for 25 years, evolution is higher in the last five years than the twenty years before” said Keith Weed, Marketing Director of Unilever at the CES in Las Vegas. At CeBIT, the digital transformation fair held in Hanover, Global Fairs organized the participation of French exhibitors. We were a delegation of Marketers from France and Europe. The opportunity to look into the topic of marketing for Startups. Those, in particular, who exhibited on SCALE 11 and participated in the two conferences I have prepared and facilitated. We listened to the pitches of each startUps, then Kim Smouter of Esomar, Laurent Burdin of Space555 and I presented 5 recommendations: DOs and DON’Ts for startups in view of the Franco-German experiences. The illustrations were based on the study of a few cases such as Michel and Augustin, awarded this week by BFM Business for the best adventure on the social network with # AllezHowardUnCafé, Critéo, BlablaCar, startups of the Rocket Internet group based in Berlin or in Hamburg …. CeBIT’s Global Conferences have enabled us to discover the key advice of the founders of successful Startups and the visions of the major players.

1. Trust, Customer centric: the fundamentals of StartUps marketing.
In conference, the serial speaker and disruptor Israeli Uri Levine (a star in Israel, the Startup Nation) creator of Feez and Waze (bought by Google), redefines Marketing Mix for Startups. It is a balance between “Product, Price, Knowledge and Model”. We no longer issue a product / service but an experience. It advises to acquire a base users or customers from the start of your startup, in order to test with them then to transform them into ambassadors. Its motto “Fall in love with the problem, not the solution” allows you to adapt the solution with agility.

In a “DataDriven” world such as that of startUps, it turns out that the competitive advantage is that of Confidence: “Trust” is the word that emerges from exchanges with Kim Smouter, Director of Government Affairs at ESOMAR, an international marketing research association that is present on stage to explain the stakes of this new device. The new regulations on data protection at European level require to show how customer data are secured, particularly in terms of usage through marketing, personalization, retargeting … Trust is a competitive advantage in a world of data intelligence and connected objects where data security is uncertain. In 2019, 90% of companies will have a Chief Data Officer according to Gartner. Here is also the new concept of “Trust Tech” created by the CEO of Ledger, the French StartUp exhibitor who is able to pay with a virtual portfolio for Bitcoin, the new virtual currency.


2. Create the event in the event at an exhibition as huge as CeBIT (200,000 visitors, 3,500 exhibitors).
ibmAngela Merkel visited the exhibition and in particular the huge and magnificent IBM stand with Martina Koerderitz, CEO IBM DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). His attention was retained by the Nao robot, which, in partnership with Watson, in the age of machine learning, IBM’s fabulous artificial intelligence tool, prepares the future of robotics. Coming from Paris, Aldebaran’s team of developers and marketers (a French company bought by the Japanese SoftBank) makes a strong impression with Pepper, which expresses its emotions and attracts journalists from all over the world. There are many press releases and thousands of CeBIT visitors came to greet the robot who knows how to communicate with the emotions of his friends.

For a Startup, delivering the right content to demonstrate the added value of its solution and relay the message on social media, make it possible to make the buzz. This is how some people manage to make themselves more noticeable in a salon where the solicitations are numerous.