Google Adwords Campaign

Improve conversion rates and get leads coming in instantaneously - at 250$ a month.

Campaign Setup

UpMedio helps to administer all aspects of your PPC campaign, right from the set-up of your Google Adwords. Through a series of well designed algorithm, our certified Google professionals listens to your requirements and brainstorm with you in order to best help to increase AdWords conversion rates and maximize your overall return on investment. Our aim is to produce exceptional PPC results that will help to generate more traffic, better traffic and higher return with a fast project payback for your business.

Campaign Optimization

Through a series of thought out processes, our team of certified Google professionals will focus their efforts into optimizing your Google Adwords campaign. This includes conducting a comprehensive keyword analysis, bid adjustments, landing page optimization and all the other necessary precautions needed to harbour the best results for your company’s online presence.

Having a fully optimized campaign can help you to harbour the best results for your Google Adwords campaign, hence reaching the right target audience for maximum exposure of your website and brand.

Advanced Reporting

With on-going monitoring of the campaign, we help to keep a close eye between your conversion rates and your cost of conversions. Therefore, making sure that we can achieve the initiative of the Adwords campaign, which is to drive conversions from your advertised offers. In addition, we provide a scheduled report and in depth analysis to show your progresses with our Google Adwords management campaign.

Conversion Consultancy

We provide hands on consultancy services in order to increase conversion rate and transform your potential customers of audiences attracted to the site, into your actual company clientele. Having a team of certified Google professionals by your side to create custom landing pages, unique headers, contents and images shot for each specific keyword and ad copy combination, is highly beneficial in helping to increase your PPC conversion rates.

In addition, we help to track progress of your conversion, throughout the period of the campaign, guiding you step-by-step to the future of success in online advertising.