Facebook marketing management in Bangkok, Thailand, Social Media Management

Facebook Marketing Management in Bangkok, Thailand

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Having custom content provides a sense of uniqueness and personality to your Facebook page, deepening the connection between viewer and brand. We are continually testing and modifying content to target the best audience possible. We segment your potential customers based on interests, industries, demographics and much more criteria that is available thanks to Facebook’s large database.


Your credibility on social media is dependent on the frequency and consistency of your posting. Through a series of well designed algorithms, our social media experts will schedule strategic Facebook posts; in order to generate brand awareness, brand loyalty, create incoming leads as well as strengthening customer relations.


We use an advanced system of pre-scheduling to make sure that posts are released at the most beneficial time, yielding the most attention, generating views, likes and shares. Thus, gaining maximum exposure for each type of posts delivered.

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UpMedio’s Social Media Management includes Influencer Marketing. Our Outreach strategy includes identifying relevant Facebook Influencers and contacting them in order to share your content on their personal pages.


Our social media experts will team up with known and recognized Influencers in order to build your authority on Facebook. Users on Facebook place a higher level of trust in content that is promoted by known influencers. By collaborating with local and international users we can scale your social media visibility and drive engagement on your page.



Besides good content and influencer outreach, we offer Facebook advertising agency services. Our services are adapted to businesses with existing Facebook Ads campaigns, and those that are not advertising yet.


If your business hasn’t launched a Facebook Ads Account, we will first evaluate if this is the right advertising platform for you. In both scenarios we integrate an analysis of your competitors. Competitive intelligence allows us to make wise campaign choices that will assist you to reach the peak of success.



We monitor client’s Facebook Ads campaigns on a weekly basis and provide you with a monthly report of your account. In this report we include an evaluation to benchmark the progress and effectiveness of the campaign. Your facebook advertising success is primarily measured through monitoring your Cost Per Acquisition.


Our team of professionals will give you guidelines of suitable and effective posts that are most engaging to your target audience. You will also be able to see what posts have been the most successful for your company during the campaign, and what can be done in the future to improve and sustain the positive effects of the campaign.