Graphic design and the end of textual history

The graphic design has invaded everything. Without any thought being given to thematizing the reasons, or the consequences. Here is a tool that the societies of the end of the XIXth century have been equipped to treat visually the information, the knowledge, as well as the fictions. A tool that tried to reorganize the conditions […]

What is Agile Marketing?

In a nutshell, agile marketing is a new marketing technique that relies primarily on scalable content. This is actually real-time marketing. Conceivably, agile marketing allows you to enhance the customer experience by great customization. For example, images sent in your emails can be changed based on whether the recipient opens the email on the day […]

What is inbound marketing?

Definition: Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy with a different approach from traditional marketing. The goal of inbound marketing is to attract prospects with quality content and then convert them into customers without having to start them. His origin : Inbound Marketing is an American term dating from 2006 invented by the publisher of Hubspot […]

7 reasons to outsource the digital marketing of an SME

Outsourcing is an increasingly common practice for small and medium-sized enterprises. What is it about ? To entrust certain services of the company to an external service provider. The functions most often outsourced are accounting, salary and recruitment management, logistics, IT and also, increasingly, marketing. Yet many companies are reluctant to entrust their marketing to […]

Social media marketing: succeeding thanks to the likes

Social networks have become widespread channels of communication and are an integral part of online marketing mix. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks offer new and attractive communication opportunities for local and global businesses. For companies that want to be present on social networks, newsrooms or blogs, it is important not only to implement traditional […]

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