Why create a mobile application?

Internet is everywhere, all the time! Every day, we spend several hours checking out our social networks, e-mails, bank accounts and other applications on our tablets and smartphones. So, for a company, what are the benefits of a mobile app?

The market for tablets and smartphones continues to grow. According to a Tns Sofres study carried out in 2015, 16-30 year olds spend about a day a week on their smartphone. For companies, it is essential not to miss this niche and be present to keep invaluable contact with its customers. Having a mobile application means being present every moment on the home screen of the smartphone of its audience. Obviously, there is no point in creating a mobile app if it does not allow you to achieve your goals: it must serve you to promote your products or services and boost your sales. But why create a mobile application and especially how to succeed?

Your application must help your user: to succeed in reaching your goals, you must put yourself in your place and imagine the simplest, most intuitive solution possible for him. To do this, you have to look after the ergonomics of your application. It is not just about making your website responsive: it must offer a real experience to your user, and propose functionalities that are relevant and exclusive to the application.

In order for your mobile application to be downloaded by your customers and used, it must provide them with practical information that they need to have at all times on hand.

What interests do they have to install this application?
What benefits can they derive from them?
What budget do you have to devote to its development?
How will you make this project evolve to make it more interesting?
It is by answering these questions precisely that you will know whether it is relevant or not, depending on your audience and industry, to create a mobile application. From browsing through to content consumption and product presentation: the entire user experience will be enriched!

One of the main advantages of a mobile application is that it can send notifications to its users. An important news, an update, a promotional code, a period of balances? These are all information that you can send to your users directly on their smartphones. So, you attract their attention and get them to use your app. Obviously, it should not be abused because too many notifications will scare your users!