Why a responsive website is so important for a company?

WHAT IS THE DESIGN OR DESIGN WEB RESPONSIVE? According to Wikipedia, here is the description: “An adaptive web site (English RWD for responsive web design, adaptive web design) is a concept of web design that groups together different principles and technologies in which a site is designed to offer the visitor an optimal consultation experience facilitating reading and browsing, allowing users to view the same website through a wide range of devices (computer monitors, smartphones, tablets, TV, etc.) with the same visual comfort and without using horizontal scrolling or zooming in and out on tactile devices, manipulations that can sometimes degrade the user experience. ” The designer of adaptive websites should ensure navigation elements, display on different screens, text, images, audio / video … In addition, it should not create as in time, at the beginning of Smartphones , mobile versions of the site for each type of device, this takes a lot of time and a lot of money. Now, after reading what is Responsive Web Design, let us understand why it is important for your websites.
WHY RESPONSIVE DESIGN IS IMPORTANT FOR INTERNET SITES? TIME AND MONEY The idea of ​​making an adaptive website is to increase the user experience certainly, but also to save maintenance time to the owners. At the arrival of the Smartphones, the developers developed several versions of site for each type of device: Ios, Android, desktops … That cost very expensive maintenance. The concept of responsive web design is first and foremost is to create a single web site that fits depending on the device in hand of the user. INCREASING THE USE OF MOBILE EQUIPMENT Internet traffic from mobile devices is increasing exponentially. As more and more people get used to browsing the web via their smartphones and tablets, it is impossible to ignore adaptive web design. This approach has become the standard of web development. Moreover search engines like Google have already begun to take this into confederation in their site ranking algorithms. THE USER EXPERIENCE We know that content is king! But offering the user the ability to consume it on any website through the device of his or her choice, anywhere and anytime is more than an asset. An adaptive website ensures that the user gets the best experience of a website on any device of his choice: iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets that run under the Android operating system, or Windows operating system and many others.

A responsive design is important for the natural referencing of your site. Google attaches more importance to the user experience for the natural referencing of a site. In addition, a single URL helps users share content more easily on social networks. If your site is not responsive design, a smartphone user who shares a page on your mobile site will be able to be clicked by an office computer user who will then see a mobile site page stripped , thus creating a bad user experience. This is of course valid in the contrary direction: a computer user shares a page that appears to him to be super interesting, but which will be unusable on a smaller screen.

And since Google takes the user experience into account in its search engine algorithm because it wants its users to be satisfied, having or not a responsive web design site will have an impact on your "rankings"