What is the Innovation?

What is Innovation?

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First published on FastCompany.com this video has been incredibly popular among the thousands of points of view around the World. Animated by the talented Rafa Galeano, I was the creative director, wrote the script, and Indeed, the Narration. http://www.RisingAboveTheNoise.com

Original Article: http://www.fastcompany.com/3020950/leadership-now/what-is-innovation

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Innovation. This is not a four Letter Word.

The guy is a four Letter Word.

As well, Mediocrity.

What is the Word Average.

The four-Letter Words that are qualitative and not quantitative (it is this that has allowed me to above artistic license).

(The main part of this Article originally appeared on Fast Company 4 Years ago and is today still as relevant as at the time.)

Listen to the Words of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Seth Godin, and discover what separates true Innovators from all the others.

It is important to take Points.

In his famous Introduction to the Speech Steve Jobs said:

“You can’t connect the Dots forward; You can only close Yourself to the rear. So You have to Trust that the Dots somehow a Connection in Your Future. You have to Trust in something–Your gut, Destiny, Life, karma, whatever. This Approach has never let me fall, and it has all the Difference in my Life.”

Sir Richard Branson has a mantra that runs through the DNA of his Companies. The mantra is Ab-C-D (Always be Connecting the Dots).

In his Manifesto, Stop Stealing Dreams, Seth Godin wrote that the Students today have grown up, “the accumulation of Points. Almost nothing is spent, and to teach them the Skills to connect the Dots. The Magic of Connecting dots is that, once You learn the Techniques of Points may change, but you will still be well.”


Recently came to Light, as I was in Conversation with a Customer who has noticed Things, need Correction and to be frustrated that Employees were not to see, and Address, the same Things.

I responded by indicating that it was not a defect of being, of seeing Things and wanting to improve it, that was the problem. The real problem, which is why his Staff did not see these details.

I found that it was the single Difference between the innovator and the ordinary person: one saw the Dots and Association, while others 1) They did not want to see, or 2) if They do not have to explore Question, or close all.

This Aspect of the constant Attention to the way Things are, to the Companies, Products, Brands, as well as for the protection of Trademarks, and is the Basis of this Thing we call innovation.


Inspired by this Discussion and some of the most brilliant Minds, I decided to write a Dissertation on innovation.

The schlusszeilen the Trial has proposed an Agreement:

So, what is innovation?
The other Points.
Those who escape from the other.
And with the Certainty of knowing that the Points You see are not only permitted, but necessary, if the World around us to move forward.