What is Agile Marketing?

In a nutshell, agile marketing is a new marketing technique that relies primarily on scalable content. This is actually real-time marketing. Conceivably, agile marketing allows you to enhance the customer experience by great customization.

For example, images sent in your emails can be changed based on whether the recipient opens the email on the day it was sent or opens it later. Another option is for example to highlight certain products that are in stock while they were not previously.
Agile marketing makes life easier for you as a merchant and helps you better “stick” to the expectations of Internet users, that in the first objective to convert more.
Some examples of agile marketing …

Agile marketing can be used in emailing for example to update your promotions according to the weather and precise time it makes when the recipient opens the email. How is that possible? Well it’s simple, thanks to the IP address of the recipient.

On the other hand, if you are a fashion brand, you can schedule the highlighting of products according to the time it does. Suggest swimsuits if it’s hot and beautiful and umbrellas if it rains!

In addition, agile marketing can be used to display the latest news when opening the email. This may for example be the exchange rate of the country in which the recipient is going to spend his next vacation.

This technique can also be used to display the number of rooms available in a hotel or the number of free seats on a flight. All this in real time.

Finally, agile marketing can also be used to display content broadcast on your social networks in real time.

Agile marketing is therefore a strategy that is intended to be effective and that will increasingly be implemented in emailing. This marketing technique can create a sense of urgency in the face of real-time updating of information. Be careful, however, to provide the right information and not deceive the customer about these items.