Tips and inspirations for your portfolio

Creating your portfolio: a mission full of questions, especially when you start in creative trades. To help you, I propose a small file with some fundamental and essential advice.


The purpose of this article is not to write the ultimate guide to the portfolio, but simply to give you leads and links on this particular world of personal sites. Indeed, articles dealing with the subject in length, in broad and cross appear at all seasons on the blogs of design …

By regularly browsing the design galleries for a few months, I have spotted some inspiring portfolios that can give you ideas to realize yours. If you follow the blog, you will surely remember the latest creative portfolio selections and webdesigners (if not, click on the links!)

A vast and competitive world
To begin, let’s briefly remember what a portfolio is all about: show your talent, stand out and attract potential customers or creative partners.

Of course, having only an online portfolio is not enough anymore. Our creative domain, although very vast, is competitive. Finding your place is essential to be seen and especially recognized. I propose a few points that I consider indispensable to start your portfolio on a good basis.

Essential keys to stand out
1. Define the purpose of your portfolio
Before you even begin any draft zoning or design, you must have in mind the purpose of your portfolio. Will it serve to find new customers for your freelance business? Is his goal to get you an agency job? To find partners to set up a structure?

By defining this essential feature, you will give the right direction to the content and design of your site. For example, if you are looking for a position in an agency, think about defining the job. The recruiter must enter this information as soon as it arrives on your home page.