The right process in business branding

Step 1: Gathering and Concentrating Marketing Information Before we begin at all in the design and visibility phase of the business or product, we will conduct a thorough examination of the market in which it is located and against whom it is dealing. We will clearly define the advantages of our business and what really distinguishes it from its competitors. In the end we will formulate the right and appropriate messages for our business and what we really want to broadcast to the customer. It should be remembered that we live today in a very competitive environment and every potential consumer before choosing a product or a company also undergoes a process of differentiation and choice. When we brand a business / product, we actually turn the product into a brand whose characteristics the consumer will want to choose and prefer over its competitors.
Step 2: Graphic language design - The graphic language we create is of great importance in the success of branding. Constructing a unique graphic language is actually composed of words, images, colors and shapes that are connected together and create a uniform and reminiscent look that matches the messages that you have decided to convey. Small businesses without marketing budgets will be satisfied with building a logo in the branding process and assimilate it in the office paper and on a website. For businesses with large advertising budgets, a graphic language will be required to create an entire platform for the development of advertising channels that are loyal to the "spirit" of the brand in terms of visibility and tax
Step 3: Integrating graphic language into marketing channels - At the stage of embedding the graphic language in the relevant marketing material, the designer's role in accompanying the process is as important as his. Often the customer's desire to convey a lot of messages or ideas can lead to a multiplicity of messages, confusion and even deception in creating the image that the target audience should see. Therefore, it is important to properly accompany the process. The goal is: When potential customers test your product they will be able to quickly and easily know to associate you with the right category and understand if this is the product they need and what its advantages are versus competitors in the same category. Remember, multiple messages will confuse the target audience and make them go in other directions. The role of the designer is to take care
Business cards, website, catalogs, brochures, Facebook page, presentation etc., and conveying the message clearly and sharply.

Important highlights during design: Visual differentiation - It is very important that your designer will differentiate against competitors so that your visual business will look different from competitors in the same category and will have the uniqueness that characterizes only your product from competitors.
Use of colors - different product categories are characterized by a certain color hand, so note that the colors do match the product and do not get caught in a certain color just because you love it. Each color has the message and what it symbolizes are unique to it.

ü You will love your logos - at the end of the day after you have chosen your logo, choose it from the completion and not compromise !!! The business logo will accompany you for many years and should be the "face" of a business. Business owners who love their logo will promote it with joy and energy.