The importance of creating a graphic charter

For a company, establishing a graphic charter is the first step in the success of its communication strategy. It builds a brand image adapted to its product, its market, its target audience and maintains the consistency of its graphic and digital media, regardless of the different players involved in production. The graphic charter is in the form of a document that defines all the rules and codes of application of the mark and its graphic elements, namely:

the logotype, the construction grid, the security zone (the minimum space around the mark) and the variations of the logotype,
the Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and hexadecimal colors of the graphic chart,
institutional policies and its rules of use.
The graphic charter can be made more complex according to the needs of the project and can address other subjects such as the layout of graphic elements (letterhead, business cards, pads ...), applications (uniforms, , packaging, signage ...) and recommendations for the choice of images and illustrations. Once this graphic standardization is structured, the company will be able to communicate consistently and professionally with all its printed and digital tools of the same voice, which creates a real added value and establishes a richer and engaging customer experience.