Social media marketing: succeeding thanks to the likes

Social networks have become widespread channels of communication and are an integral part of online marketing mix. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks offer new and attractive communication opportunities for local and global businesses. For companies that want to be present on social networks, newsrooms or blogs, it is important not only to implement traditional marketing strategies. Dialogue with customers, prospects and business customers has evolved and has become faster thanks to community management, while viral marketing on social networks is becoming increasingly important.

What are the differences with classic marketing?
Typical marketing strategies include channel advertising such as television, print, and direct customer contact through the distribution of brochures and flyers. Marketing professionals call this outbound marketing (outbound marketing). This strategy involves going to the customer by promoting a product or a service to that customer. With content marketing, optimization for search engines and social networking, practices have evolved.

Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing
Inbound marketing is the prospect that goes to the business, not the other way around. By ensuring a positive image, an attempt is made to ensure that the client goes actively to the company. It is especially via social networks like Facebook or Twitter that it becomes easier for users to interact with companies and give them feedback on experience. These returns can be positive as well as negative and community management has taken on increasing importance in online marketing.

Reaching new users through viral marketing
Marketing on social networks is profitable only if you know how to respond quickly and according to your target group. “Followers”, thanks to sharing functions among others, can quickly increase the scope of current content and thus increase the speed of propagation of this information. Within a few hours, a video or publication can be shared or commented thousands of times. In order to benefit from virality on social networks, it is necessary to know how to make good use of this instrument, for example as part of an advertising campaign. Viral marketing can dramatically increase the scope of its content for very limited costs. The objective is to draw attention to his company or its products.

Effectively using social media marketing
Social media marketing is the modern form of recommendation marketing. Now, customers often express their satisfaction with a “Like” rating on Facebook or a complimentary post on Instagram. Now, customers often express their satisfaction with a “Like” rating on Facebook or a complimentary post on Instagram. This information is visible to all their followers and satisfied customers become de facto ambassadors of the brand. So that your marketing campaign on social networks is a success, many criteria must be met scrupulously.

If you want your campaign to be successful on social networks, you should consider the following:

… Submit information
In addition to their website, businesses can communicate on social networks. In addition to providing basic information such as opening hours or company address, social networks can be used to convey important information. Whether it’s new menu items for a restaurant, a new collection in a clothing store or the arrival of a new employee, the social media news feed is perfect for sharing these new features. Information about exceptional openings, jobs or job offers can also be conveyed on social networks. Thus, the clientele and the “fans” of the page are always informed and keep your business in mind. This is also beneficial for customers that you have just acquired, so they can benefit from relevant information.

… Build your reputation
The competition is strong online and customers can, in the space of a few clicks, inquire about the offer of competition via comparative platforms of products. This is why companies must constantly ensure the image they generate on the internet and build a positive e-reputation. The latter is obtained through a qualitative interview of the customer relationship as well as the corporate image. Social networks allow companies to have direct feedback from their customers. Effective community management demonstrates that we take the advice of our customers at heart within the corporate culture. A transparent communication style on social networks ensures a good image with customers.

… Caring for the contact
Marketing on social networks is a perfect tool to build customer loyalty. Your fans and followers have already expressed interest in your business – and they have shared this with their own followers. It is now up to community managers to use these networks wisely. The photos, publications and other information provided have no value if they are not prompted by users. The more people who “like” your post, share it or comment on it, the more the degree of popularity of your business grows. This live dialogue allows proximity to the customer. The profile of companies on social networks is becoming more and more often the place where real-time exchanges, where customers ask questions and where complaints are made.

… Maximize your reach
Social media marketing can increase the reach of corporate communication if you know how to use this tool in a meaningful way. Good content that adds value or is entertaining is shared and liked, moreover it is seen by the list of friends or contacts of users, which rapidly increases the number of readers. That is why planning and strategy are very important. Using social networking tools, it is possible for companies to plan and target the publication of their marketing content on social networks. As a general rule, financial investment is less than traditional marketing channels. In addition, the success of the content can be measured closely.

… Use the possibilities available to you
The different channels of social networks offer many opportunities to arouse the curiosity of the users and thus to win new customers. Thanks to promotions and special actions, companies are talking about themselves. The feeling of belonging to a community is also developed by customers when invited to events via Facebook. Social networks are also an opportunity to learn more about its target group. Their preferences and their interests are visible and can be analyzed by studying the contents they share. It is possible to observe the interaction rates of each publication and which are most successful. Thus, the main themes that arouse interest can be more easily and better discerned, thanks to the tools of management of the social networks.

… Advertising placement
Of course, it is also possible to opt for advertising placement on social networks. With Facebook Ads for example, you can accurately determine which target will see your ad. Metrics, designed to measure online performance, are useful for any web marketing strategy. Through targeting, you can also avoid loss of broadcast by targeting accurately.

What social network is suited to my strategy?
When you think about social networks, Facebook often comes back first, and it’s not without reason: Facebook is the most used social network in the world. But there are of course countless other platforms with which you can reach your customers. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn are also interesting from a strategic point of view. The options available to you as a marketing manager are outlined in the article on the main social networking platforms.