Protect the environment with these 5 mobile applications!

Since 1970, the 22 of April is placed under the sign of the ecology. On the occasion of World Earth Day, Prixtel presents five mobile applications designed to protect the environment, adopt eco-responsible attitudes and promote sustainable development. In addition, they will save you money!

Become an ecologist in three months with 90 days

Integrating ecology into everyday life requires time and goodwill. Three months: this is the deadline given to you by this mobile application to meet several challenges. 90jours is a personal coach, which leads you on the path of environmental responsibility. A first set of questions are asked, then the first missions are assigned according to your profile: reduce your consumption of meat, buy fruits and vegetables in season, urinate in the shower, sort your waste …


Available for free on Google Play (Android) and in the App Store (iOS).
Note on Google Play: 4.3 (4,272 reviews).

Save Heat Easy, the mobile application that makes you save energy

The amount of your water, electricity and heating bills climbs like mercury on hot days? You should entrust the management of your energy use to Save Heat Easy. This mobile app examines your bills and tells you how you could reduce your consumption. Based on positive ecology, it gives you valuable advice and reminds you, for example, when you need to defrost your refrigerator or have your boiler revised.


Available for free on Google Play (Android) and in the App Store (iOS).
Note on Google Play: 5 (2 reviews).

Protect the environment by reducing your CO2 emissions with Geco Air

Ecological and economic driving can be learned. Eco-responsible driving behavior not only results in lower fuel consumption, but also reduces emissions of pollutants, which are largely responsible for climate change. After downloading Geco Air, you can view your driving style on your smartphone and improve it day after day. This mobile application automatically detects your movements and helps you to make the protection of the environment one of your priorities in the car.


Available for free on Google Play (Android) and in the App Store (iOS).
Note on Google Play: 4.6 (32 reviews).

Mobile applications that combat food waste

You may not know, but you are surrounded by businesses that although concerned about environmental protection, still throw away tons of food every year. Want to locate them? Download Too Good To Go Your smartphone will display a map of your neighborhood and will show you restaurants, bakeries and other businesses that offer their unsold at a low price when you close.


Too Good To Go is available for free on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).
Note on Google Play: 3.4 (1,965 reviews).

In the same register, Mummyz allows you to benefit from promotions in restaurants and shops that wish to combat food waste. This mobile application, compatible only with iOS, informs you in real time of the best plans near you.


Ecosia, the search engine for the environment

This search engine offers you the opportunity to make an ecological gesture effortlessly. For each request or product purchased online, you are contributing to a fundraising campaign to fund tree planting in several regions of the world (Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Peru).


Available for free on Google Play (Android) and in the App Store (iOS).
Note on Google Play: 4.8 (20,568 reviews).