Network Marketing, how does it work?

As part of our marketing consultancy contest, we welcome Julien RIO webmaster of a Boutique of clothing and accessories customizable which explains us how to sell thanks to Network Marketing.

What is Network Marketing?

You have probably already experienced this experience: you go to a restaurant for the first time. This restaurant is excellent: fantastic food, reasonable prices, beautiful surroundings, and friendly wait staff. The next day you go to work, as usual. At the time of the coffee break, you go with some colleagues to the break room. What are you talking about ? The first thing that comes to mind is your outing to the restaurant.

The previous week you had tried another sign, absolutely atrocious: your first reaction had been to complain to your colleagues, inviting them never to step on it. But this time, you have had a pleasant experience, and you feel compelled to share with your colleagues: “Yesterday I tried this restaurant. It is absolutely perfect, I highly recommend it “.

Congratulations, you have just practiced the art of Network Marketing!

How does it work ?

bad marketing experience

Actually, you did not do anything special. You were naturally enthusiastic about a situation you liked. Then, this enthusiasm influenced your colleagues, and encouraged them to have an identical experience. Your colleagues, friends, and family members represent your Network.
Why did it work? Simply because it was sincere.

Through advertising, companies try to copy and recreate that feeling. Nevertheless, the natural enthusiasm expressed by someone who has really had an enriching experience is different from that of someone who “plays” the enthusiasm in front of the goal in order to influence consumers.

The first is called “natural”. It can be detected by others. Anyone who can instinctively feel the difference between an actor trying to praise the merits of a product and a person who has actually had an enjoyable experience.

What is the result ?

what is the result

The result is that your colleagues have been influenced by your intervention, each in their own way. Some of them will immediately consider the idea of ​​going to this restaurant. Others will probably forget your story, but it will remain engraved in a corner of their heads.If later they find themselves confronted with this restaurant in any way, their subconscious will influence their decisions based on your comment. Still others will not want to try this restaurant, for various reasons.

Nevertheless, they will use your story to spread it to their own friends. Finally, some of them will not trust you. They will likely attempt the experiment to form their own opinion.


How to measure the impact?

Network Marketing is one of the most complicated forms of marketing from a “result study” point of view; it is virtually impossible to assess the impact of this action.

The basic information (the one you’ve been sending) will quickly spread like a virus. It will slowly be modified; this is the main risk associated with oral transmission. This type of Marketing is called “Viral Marketing”.

The system is simple: a person passes information to ten other people. Each of them will pass the information to ten others, etc. The information spreads rapidly, and the number of people involved in the process grows exponentially. However, the primary information is never identical to the information at the end of the chain.

What is the Principle of Network Marketing?

You are able to convince your friends that this restaurant was delicious. Why can not you convince them that any product is good for them? Your first reaction will be, “How could I sell anything to my own friends? These are my friends, not my clients! I would have the impression of betraying them! “.

It’s a natural reaction, and you’ll be totally right. Nevertheless, think about this: the goal is NOT to sell 10 vacuums to your grandmother.

The goal is to keep your habits. Your friends are someone’s clients: why would not they be yours? You are used to tell them what product was right for you, what experience you have had with such product or service.

The next step is simple: continue to be sincere, and continue to communicate your impressions to them, but do something lucrative!