Mobile apps that made the buzz in 2016!


We could talk about traditional social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and the must-have Instagram. However, the year 2016 has also been marked by other mobile applications, which have buzzed since their release, notably thanks to the long awaited arrival of Nintendo in the universe of the game for smartphone.

Pokémon Go, the buzz of the year 2016

When this mobile application landed in France last July, millions of Japanese, American, Australian and New Zealand Pokémon hunters were already wandering the streets all the time, with their eyes on their smartphones. This game, based on geolocation and augmented reality, is without a doubt the buzz of the year. It is the most downloaded mobile app in 2016 (AppStore and Google Play combined) and in 6 months of existence, it generated $ 950 million in revenue. Although the number of players has fallen sharply (6 million players daily in October vs 14 million in August), its publisher, Niantic, is counting on regular updates to revive the appeal of his hit game.


Miitomo, the first Nintendo mobile app

The entry of Nintendo into the world of games for smartphones with Miitomo was a great success. Launched on March 17, 2016 in Japan, this mobile application, which is displayed as both a social network and a messaging service, has been downloaded more than a million times in three days. Create your avatar (Mii), answer your questions and converse with your friends. The option Miifoto allows to insert his Mii in his photos and to add some comments. Despite a thundering start, the game quickly ran out of steam and failed to retain its community as the Japanese firm hoped.


Super Mario Run, the famous plumber arrives on smartphone

Nintendo completed the year 2016 in beauty by releasing another mobile app that made the buzz: Super Mario Run on December 15, on iPhone and iPad. Three weeks later, the App Store already registered 90 million downloads. Users of Android smartphones, look forward: the release of Super Mario Run on Google Play is scheduled for March and you can already pre-register on Google Play. Good to know: once the 3 free levels have passed successfully, you will have to pay 10 € to continue playing.

Super Mario Run

Prisma, the mobile application that turns a photo into a work of art

Prisma was probably one of the most beautiful surprises of 2016. Free and easy to use, this mobile app helps you convert a holiday photo into an impressionist painting worthy of an authentic Monet using your smartphone. Thanks to a technology called “machine learning”, an algorithm redesigns your shot based on the techniques of the great masters of painting. The result is absolutely amazing, which is why this mobile application has made a lot of talk in 2016.


Stolen, from the buzz to the expulsion of the App Store

The success of Stolen has lasted for a while. This simulated financial market on smartphone allowed users to virtually buy Twitter accounts and speculate as they would with stock market stocks. Available only on iOS and by invitation, Stolen detonated the counters (40,000 players in three days) and created controversy: the Twitter profiles displayed in the application were without the consent of their owner and could be modified or commented by all, without going through a moderation. After only six days, its founders preferred to remove Stolen from the AppStore. A lighter version of this mobile application then came back under another name, Famous, but it was eventually finally expelled from the App Store in February 2016.


Zenly, the mobile application that revolutionizes geolocation

Another application that made the buzz in 2016, especially with young people: Zenly, which illustrates marvelously the good health of the French Tech. Created by two French young people, this mobile geolocation application has made a lot of talk about it in Silicon Valley, the Mecca of new technologies. And for good reason: it geolocalizes your loved ones on your smartphone in real time, and its accuracy is measured to the meter. Practical when you want to find your friends on the ski slopes or at a festival! At the end of 2016, the founders of Zenly carried out a promising fundraising of 20 million euros and announced that the bar of two million active users had just been crossed.


Peach, the mobile app that wants to compete with major social networks

Halfway between social networking and messaging, Peach is a mix of its competitors: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Yo, Slack and Tumblr.