Mobile application, why is it so long to conceive, why is it so expensive?

Everything is in the title in this blog of mood. The creation of a native mobile application under operating system iOS and Android is long to develop and in addition, its cost is more expensive than other digital products such as a website window or an e-commerce site. Obviously, if it’s long, it’s expensive. One will never go without the other.

Multi-month design delays for a custom, complex and high-end native application
The design time for a mobile application can be several months. Depending on the typology of the app and its complexity (application of type showcase presenting your activity, information type application, application social network, application tailored …), this can oscillate between 2 to 8 months of work to present you a high-end application iOS and Android.

The developer finally has these few sentences that run in a loop. Work faster, always faster, but be careful, keep an optimal quality …

It is a certainty, the time overruns are legion because the complexity of development is hardly measurable. The development time is unfortunately incompressible. Just arm yourself with a serious provider and be patient, confident, understanding, and reward yourself.

Why such a long time?

Businesses are fully aware of the importance and effectiveness of mobile applications in creating value. But unless you are satisfied with a cookie cutter application with one of these application generators or a $ 35 framework (solutions to be forgotten in both cases), the development and management customized mobile applications can be very expensive.

A native mobile application involves mastering two different languages, depending on the well-known platforms of the Apple Store and Google Play.
Under iOS, we work with the Objective C or Swift language, the latter being more recent. Under Android, Java is the preferred language. At the minimum, the mission developer must have a language specific to iOS (Swift or Objective C), Java for Android, PHP server side and back office, notions of webdesign, a high level hosting side (installation VPS, dedicated server … ). It takes arrows to its bow …

A native application means that the developer in charge of the project uses all its qualities of encoder to the test, in the same way that the design will have to be adapted for each platform. We reinvent the wheel on native with custom.
By comparison, it’s a bit like asking your mechanic to mount the wings of your future car, the wheels, all the engine parts. Do you think it will take a few days to supply your customized Rolls-Royce?

How much does it cost to create a native iOS and / or Android application?
The cost will vary according to the level of sophistication of your application whether you choose one or more distribution media (for example, just iOS) or tablets in addition to availability on different mobile models, connected watches such as Android Wear or Apple Watch. Difficult to gauge without a specification provided. But let’s leave it wide to give you an idea. Come on, we’ll start 😉

Count about between 5000 and 50000 euros for the development of a native mobile application on iOS and just as much on Android. Overall, to develop an application on two platforms, the total price can easily oscillate between 10,000 and 100,000 euros.

To this will be added Apple’s fees to have a developer account and submit the application from iTunes Connect, or 99 euros per year, Google charges that they will be 25 euros annually in order to have a developer account.

Other costs to foresee, hosting your app on a dedicated server or VPS. We do not recommend hosting a native app on shared hosting, too dependent on websites that are on the same server as you. On this point and considering a first year of production relatively soft in terms of audience, consider a tariff of a good hundred euros per year.

You are still here ? Are you depressed? Your dream is flying? It should not, success may be at the end of the adventure. While this is a significant budget for a small company, the enthusiasm of users of increasingly large marketplaces must reassure you. It is well worth it and the return on investment can be worth the effort 🙂

Be aware that at eMaginance – Nice, we practice honest prices according to market prices by adapting regularly to the budget envelope of our customers. If you want a precise figure, do not hesitate to submit your project.

Finally, if you want a portability of your existing website on the Apple Store or Google Play marketplaces, we can offer you a web app (webview system) and its cost is this time less. Indeed, it is necessary to count about 1000 euros to have a mobile application of the type web app on one of the market places. The quality will be there, you will have an open door on the blinds but of course, the user experience will be lessened (including more time of the app’s latency). Let us hear, a web app will never be the equivalent of a native application.