Marketing mix | 4 P: How to achieve your business goals?


The phrase ‘Mix Marketing’ is one of the most used in marketing. The marketing mix is ​​also known as the ‘4 P’ ie: Product, Price, Place (distribution) and Promotion (communication).
Marketing Mix: all the tools the company has to reach its objectives with the target market. (Kotler & Dubois)
This concept is simple. Think of another famous mix (composition), the composition of a cake. All cakes are composed of eggs, milk, flour and sugar. You can, however, change the result of your cake by changing the quantities of the components in it. You will add more sugar to get a sweeter cake. The same goes for the marketing mix. The offer made to your customer can be modified by changing the content of the 4 P. For a ‘quality’ brand, you will concentrate on communication (promotion) and desensitize the weight that it could afford the price.