How to growths your business with an application?

Mobile users spend 90% of their time on mobile applications compared to websites (Statistics Furry, 2015). Why ? There are several reasons for this:

luke-porter-203637What has never happened to navigate a slow, unresponsive, and poorly structured website? To solve this problem, especially during the shopping phase, many companies offer a mobile application and suggest to their customers to download it to facilitate their shopping experience.

Most often, the suggestion is made via a window that offers the client either "Continue on the site" or "Download the mobile application". 47% of Internet users do not like their web experience. Proof, therefore, that a large part of your customers will be likely to favor the navigation on mobile application to a web browsing.

hands-coffee-smartphone-technologyThe mobile application makes it possible to enrich its online presence, since it allows to be referenced on application platforms such as Play store or App store. Having an application saves visibility, and improves branding. This is an opportunity for a company to highlight its business, and to offer new services.

Clients no longer seek only the consumption of a good, but above all an accompaniment, and a personalized experience. Having a mobile application allows you to offer new tools for customer interaction: online chat, reminder service, and many more. It's a great way to get known on more platforms, and to simplify business-to-customer communication.

oliur-rahman-119663The possession of a mobile application by the clients makes it possible to send notifications. It is therefore much easier to inform them, to interact, and to remain at their disposal if need be. 3 statistics are to be retained according to a study carried out by Localytics Data Team:

Notifications boost the attractiveness of a brand by 88%
65% of users return to an application before 30 days when notifications are activated
50% of users find that notifications are useful.
(26) If you have an online calendar, you'll be better able to manage your appointments through a mobile app. The main benefit of having an e-calendar is that it allows the company to manage its client appointments remotely, and to customers to make appointments from several supports: computer, tablet, smartphone ... Your business remains accessible anywhere, 24/7.

Who says online diary, says notifications with each appointment set. A good way to keep in touch with the customer, and keep him freshly informed of his reservations. The management of appointments but also customer data is therefore more optimal.

pexels-photo-398532Finally, the latest benefit of a mobile application: customer engagement. From now on, it is no longer a question of focusing solely on the prices or the functionalities of the products, but on the customer experience. Is your application easy to use? Is it user-friendly? Do you have the right interaction tools? So many questions that need to be asked if we want to improve our customer engagement.

An unhappy customer does not necessarily talk about it: 98% of dissatisfied customers leave without complaining. Most of the time, when a customer is dissatisfied, he simply never consumes the brand in question. So know that customer satisfaction has to be a priority, and the mobile application is the best tool for that. In conclusion, the mobile application offers the possibility of establishing a privileged link with your customers, and therefore having a stronger customer engagement!