The importance of social networks in a visibility strategy

Social networks and the company

There are a whole host of social networks, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. It also encompasses Viadeo and LinkedIn which, in turn, respond to the name of professional network.
Even if the media changes, all allow to share information, an image, a text, a video, ...
It is also the concept of the social network: sharing information with its knowledge or people interested in what is said, through different media.
Once this is acquired, it may be worthwhile to ask if putting it on business would not be a good idea.
And it is, but only by preparing well. Indeed, a brand will not speak in the same way as a personal account.
It will be able to develop several aspects, such as showing its leadership in the field, offering a watch of the sector of activity, performing after-sales service, distributing promotions, communicating with a certain population ...
Finally, correct use of social networks makes it possible to work on its popularity, but also its referencing, since the indices of sharing a web page, a computer graphics, a video, etc. on the different networks are indices that contribute to the good ranking of a web page in Google results.
Know how to adopt the correct use of these supports

Using a social network, whether you are a brand or a company, can not improvise.
It is necessary to form, and to define a strategy of visibility on these networks. You need to know how to target the right social network according to the target users. Indeed, publishing photos on Viadeo, trying to blog on Twitter (and if we were talking about Twitter ...), or talking about intimate things on Google + may not bring the expected results.
Every social network has its usefulness, its target, its followers, its way of communicating, ...
At, we can train you to use professionally a social network (or professional), to develop your brand there and to target potential customers.
We can teach you how to handle a crisis (what to do and not to do in the event of a communication error, customer complaint or bad buzz), but above all to make you aware of the importance of these media and the impact 'they have on your brand image and on your business.
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