Graffiti Art # 34: in kiosks!



Here is a new summer issue that gives a lot to the wall-making of all kinds in the image of 2KM3 in Saint-Gervais, as well as to the diversity of the international scene. With a dossier devoted to the childish medium of chalk, beauty is discovered in simplicity, but also its wide possibilities. We are also interested in MaCO, the open-air museum of the city of Sète, on the occasion of the tenth edition of the K-Live festival celebrating more than thirty achievements in the city on a human scale.

On the cover of this summer issue, there is a sublime work by the American artist Audrey Kawasaki, between character and seduction. A fighting spirit that can be found in the interview of the French expatriate in the United States, WK Interact, which tells openly his intimate career as a professional and respects his major work in the history of street art. In other less urban spheres, the Hawaiian Hula pays tribute to the biosphere by enrolling his work in natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty. In a different way, the contemporary artist Charles Pétillon engages in a hypnotic dialogue with the spectator in immersive installations made of white balloons. The Californian Andrew Schoultz makes us travel, thanks to his Asian and medieval inspirations, in an aesthetic universe rich in symbols while we are lost in the graphic richness of the drawings and paintings of the artist Nantes Pez, a smile in corner. Finally, we enter the studio of the Spanish artist Belin as if we were in a classical painter of the twentieth century, enhancing the kind of portrait to the rank it deserves. Finally, as in every issue, you can discover our selection of books, limited editions, exhibitions and fairs not to miss between July and September, but also our selection of emerging artists such as Johannes Mundiger, Justin Lovato , Strook, Linus Lundin, Mattia Lullini and Anne-Laure House. We wish you a good reading wherever you are, on a beach, by the pool, on a terrace, or in a break room in the office! And above all, we wish you a wonderful summer!