Why Developing a mobile app is important

A survey by CA Technologies * revealed that mobile and tablet applications have become the new battleground for consumer loyalty to a brand.

In an ultra-connected world where users have high expectations of applications, a brand that does not offer a positive customer experience to its users could lose a quarter of its customers.

The study surveyed 6770 people and 809 decision makers in 18 countries. There are three trends in the expectations of the user experience:

Speed: 68% of respondents who left an application because of a long download time indicate that 6 seconds is the maximum download time. Half of them even speak for 3 seconds.
Simplicity: 70% of users accept features with small challenges, but 80% of users opt for an application with easy-to-use actions.
Security: 10% of users could abandon a brand if the application does not offer enough security of use.
Applications today have a significant impact on brand loyalty. It is not only a question of discovering some information about it but of having a personalized, secure and engaging experience.

The most popular applications today are those offered by banks (49%) and online shopping (48%). Users would like more applications in the administration, to pay taxes, manage medical appointments or even vote in elections.

Today, developing a mobile app has become as important as choosing the best location for its next store. It is necessary to do a market research, to interview its customers, to create a high added value to differentiate itself from the multitude of applications created every day, but also to reinforce the sense of belonging to the brand of its customers.

* CA Technologies is listed on Nasdaq. It supports companies in their digital transformation through mobile, cloud and software creation.