6 good reasons to create a mobile app for your business

How can your business benefit from a mobile app?

Applications for customer use are perfect marketing tools that can benefit virtually every industry. However, companies also have an interest in developing applications for their employees, to strengthen the marketing strategy or to simplify internal processes. To get into the details, with a mobile application, you can:

1) Improve your brand image

What image of your business do you want to give your (potential) customers? With a mobile application, you will be perceived as a modern, innovative company and listening to its customers. The latter will appreciate your efforts to pamper those who prefer to use a smartphone to access services or contact your business.

2) Strengthen customer engagement and facilitate communication

A mobile application can facilitate communication between the company and its customers. For example, you can provide a feature that will allow customers to contact you at any time, without having to wait for opening hours and without spending any money.

By making contact easier, you will have a better chance that clients will share their experiences with you. This will allow you to improve your customer service and, hence, your commercial efficiency. You will be able to personalize the communication through data collection.

A mobile application can access a lot of information about the phone and its user such as the phone number, the telephone network used, the location, the e-mail address, the contact list, and so on. Business Intelligence technology will also allow you to plot users' behavior to deduce their preferences and tastes. The data collected can be used as a basis for defining your marketing strategy.

Also consider taking advantage of push notifications. They are far more effective to reach their recipients than email marketing. The latter is an old method that still works today for many companies, but even if someone subscribes to your mailing list, you do not have any guarantee that it will notice your email in its box, or that he will read it. In comparison, the user engagement rate with push notifications reached 40%.
3) Increase the visibility of your business to acquire new customers

What if your customers were prospecting for you? The good old word-of-mouth method is still the most effective, and there is nothing better to implement it than social networks. You can consider allowing users to share the contents of the application with their network. This will increase your visibility and attract new customers.

In addition, a web application, that is, a site optimized for mobile, will allow all people to find your business by simply typing keywords into a search engine. This is the best solution for young companies looking to make themselves known.

4) Retain your customers

Developing a mobile application can help you retain your customers. It is indeed an effective tool to implement promotional actions. You can, for example, offer discount coupons, send invitations to events or even organize contests.

5) Train employees and strengthen their commitment

With a mobile application, training may not become your employees' favorite activity, but it will certainly be more engaging. The training application can contain videos, questions, elements of learning or dynamic results with graphics to track user performance. It has the advantage of replacing many expensive and cumbersome tools such as manuals and tables.

6) Facilitate appointment management with clients

Another option is to create an application that will function as an electronic brochure for salespeople in mobility situations. They will be able to access all product information directly on their mobile device.

The application does not represent weight constraints, can be downloaded by customers and, unlike a catalog of products, update automatically and without printing costs. It is also possible to enter orders or, for service technicians, the reporting of incidents. The application can be used even in disconnected mode and synchronized as soon as the connection is restored.