10 reasons to develop a mobile application

1. Rethinking ergonomics
ErgonomicsA mobile application makes it possible to completely rethink the ergonomics of use of the service. Indeed, with a site in responsive design, the user stays with the same navigation and the same possibilities as on the classic website (this is the essence of adaptive design).
On the other hand, on a mobile application you master the screen resolution and the native features of the smartphone. As a result, you can deploy custom ergonomics that meet the constraints of the medium. Indeed, the mobile application does not respond to the same constraints as a website in its mobile version (at the level of natural referencing for example).
In addition, it is essential to bring together the concept of ergonomics and the native functionality of the phone in order to make the best use of the medium used.
HTML5 is rich in functionality for a client-oriented language but is less rich than a server-oriented language. Therefore the application allows a better user experience.
2. Focus on user benefits
userTo create a quality mobile application, it is essential to focus on the functionality and / or user benefit you want to highlight. On large e-commerce sites, very often the search for products is put forward. For other merchants, this may be the geolocation of the sales outlets which is preponderant, or even the order online.
3. Information in "push"
push mailAnother interest to develop a mobile application is to be able to send push notifications and thus "push information" to your users. This makes it easier for you to get the attention you need when you are on a news or important upgrade.
4. Take advantage of native features
native functionalityIt is also possible to locate your customers thanks to the native GPS functionality to facilitate the use of the application so as to find the point of sale closest to the position of the mobinaute. The implementation of the compass function present on the iPhone, since its version 4, allows to go even further by proposing augmented reality services such as the visit of the Louvre or Paris.
5. Gain visibility into marketplaces
Research Today, the visibility of brands is fragmented between different media: the company's website, social networks, a blog ... Mobile applications marketplaces are also storming if you want to maximize your visibility. Indeed, each market place generates its own traffic and if your application is in the "Top applications" of the market places, your brand will gain visibility is notoriety (beyond the simple download of course!).
In addition, marketplaces are indexed by search engines ... it would be a shame to deprive themselves of a link coming from an authority site.
6. A user need
user needWith the massive use of smartphones and tablets, applications actually have the rib. Indeed, there is a "collector" effect of applications to fill the various panels and screens. The latest version of Windows eight confirms this basic tendency to use dedicated applications. In addition, French Internet users have a hard time remembering the URLs of the sites they like. And it is in this logic that the application meets user needs.
7. The product demonstration
product demonstrationA mobile application allows you to demonstrate one of your services in a more or less limited version. The example of Nuance's Dragon Dictation application is a case study. This application allows the recognition of your voice to be transcribed into text. It demonstrates society's ability to recognize human language. If you go to the Nuance site, you can clearly see that the possibilities offered by speech recognition are much greater (control of your computer by voice, transcription of video or audio tracks ...)
8. Easy Development
developmentDeveloping an application has become relatively simple for developers and therefore inexpensive. The development time has been greatly reduced and allows to propose applications at a reasonable price. So why deprive yourself?
9. Distribute the server load
loadThis is not necessarily the first reason you need to create a mobile application, but this application will allow you to limit the load of your web server. Indeed, the application will only connect to your database and will limit the requests on your server, which will limit the load ... even if normally, additional requests should not be a problem!
10. Becoming rich
ideaA handful of developers has become rich, even very rich, realizing applications that have made the buzz and that have been acclaimed by users. Even at low prices, if you sell a lot, you can get rich and here's the tutorial!
The second business model is the display of advertisements. It is necessary to make volume but the game can be worth the candle.
unlockThe third monetization track of a mobile application is the freemium version. The application is usable as is, but allows to go in version premium for a few euros.
And finally, if your service allows it, you can also sell a service by subscriptions (GPS application TomTom or iCoyote for example).
Even if you do not get rich, if your application finds its audience, it is possible that it becomes a complement of income more or less interesting.
In conclusion
You will have understood, you have (at least!) 10 good reasons to develop a mobile application. And there is certainly (at least) 10 reasons to develop its site in responsive design ... so rather than make a compromise lame, opt for both!